Occupy Sound! Vol 2 – The Playlist

Thanks again for everyone’s ideas. To hear it just go here.  And be on the lookout for Volume 3: The Originals, all from new, emerging artists inspired by the Occupy movement, freshly written and recorded songs.  Here is the playlist for Vol 2: Power to the People (excerpt) – John Lennon; Amerika V. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do) – Steve Earle; The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff; Pull Up the People – M.I.A.; Rise Above – Black Flag; Ball of Confusion – The Temptations; Soobax – K’naan; Lapdance – N.E.R.D.; Church of the ATM (excerpt) – Chris Rock; Mr Greed – John Fogerty; Get Up Stand Up – Bob Marley; That’s What I Want to Hear – Phil Ochs; Open Letter – Living Colour; Our Song – Joe Henry; Bluestime in America – Michael Hill’s Bluesland; Who Will Survive in America – Kanye West/Gil Scott-Heron; Water No Get Enemy – Fela Kuti

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