About PopWork USA

Convinced that the entertainment for or about working people is woefully underfed, PopWork USA seeks to create more avenues and opportunities for that to happen and promote the efforts of those who try to address working family values and issues.

It is through this use and application of popular arts and entertainment in multiple discipline that a more thoughtful, honest, and vivid portrayal of the struggles of workers, their families, and their communities. And by changing that popular landscape, a new empowerment for workers more greatly achieved.

As a website and eventually an organization, PopWork USA will proactively engage, solicit, and recruit artists, musicians, actors, writers and others to help amplify the voices of America’s workers while at the same time challenging those who represent the interests and advocacy of workers to do so in more popular, creative and less ham-handed ways.

As a tv newscast might say after a hard day of work, as you sit on the couch and pop a beer open, “stay tuned.”

— Wyatt Closs

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