Handcrafted Sources

Does this site grab from other places? Yes. Are the bots or auto-feeds and what-not involved? No. Its all crafted by hand, so to speak.

For complete transparency, the content for our home page just could not get done without the constant supply of good things from the diversity of sites listed below. While this list is not exhaustive and while, yes, we do a serious amount of “curating” through our specific lens for the interesting thing to say about workers and pop culture, this gives you a “cheat sheet” if you want to do more rummaging on your own.

Otherwise, you can just stay here without going into the wilds of the internet, fully confident that you’re getting good material that will always be helpful to draw upon.

Atlantic Monthly, McSweeney’s

PitchforkMedia, MTV, OkayPlayer

Sundance, IFC, MetaCritic, AFI, IMDB

Huffington Post, Alternet, Time, Slate