The PopWorkLab

In this space, we take a given worker-oriented campaign or issue struggle and layout pop culture applications that could give voice to those workers’ issues in a whole different, more vibrant, viral and impactful way. Creativity and healthy debate are encouraged by many at once.

Its like a low-budget, underground Advertising Council for causes that no one necessarily asked for help with. That kind of liberation is likely to produce some noteworthy results. ┬áHere’s an example:

Over 100 days of fighting now for the Mott’s workers. Time to kick it up a notch.

idea #1: do a rendering of Mott’s Hawaiian Punch character with his fist raised in solidarity with the Mott’s workers — move it as a t-shirt and sticker to college students, cafeterias all over America.

idea #2: Mott’s management “bad apples” you tube video with apples in suits in a board room to the tune of michael jackson’s “bad” with new lyrics. idea

#3: Art 3-D display of crowd of apples marching with little picket signs, refusing to go to Mott’s in solidarity.

For background on the whole awful truth, check out this article from the good folks at American Rights at Work righthere.

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