Worker Know-How

Another part of the PopWork USA mission is to connect writers, artists, directors, musicians, and others in arts and entertainment with the stories, struggles, faces, and spirit of workers, workplaces, and the latest on working family issues.

Some examples:

“I’m doing a film based on a character who is an immigrant living in the US who ironically gets a job at an auto factory whose owner is now from his native country. What would that feel like? Can you find someone with a relatable situation?”


“What is the critical difference between single-payer healthcare vs the healthcare reform package adopted in 2010? What kind of person would benefit from it more? I have a situation for a TV hospital drama that I’m trying to get right.”

Some Current Issues and Topics

– Immigration/Immigrant Worker Experience in US
– Job Discrimination/Civil Rights in Workplace
– Understanding NLRB Union Election Process
– Workers Experiences in Organizing/Challenges
– Healthcare Policy/Healthcare Reform/Healthcare Horror Stories
– Demystifying Green Jobs, Green Economy, Blue-Green Alliances

If you have interest in these or other worker-related topics, themes or issues, use the contact form to make your inquiry. We will do our best to give you the answers you need, find the stories that can enhance your work, or connect you to the right folks who can. No charge. And confidential.

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