Workers Voice Awards 2010

This first-time listing of worker expressions in various disciplines was culled together by polling an independent jury of artists, political operatives, labor movement types, and journalists committed to the notion that the voices of workers in popular culture is woefully underrepresented. To that end, a recognition of what is creating the best space for those voices. All works listed were to have been released or displayed or broadcasted (roughly) between September 2009 to August 2010
For detailed rundown of each categories’ nominees, see the blog series by Wyatt Closs on

(*indicates best in category)

Television (Reality)
*Undercover Boss
Ice Road Truckers
30 Days
Dirty Jobs
America’s Toughest Jobs

Television (Comedy)
*The Office
The Simpsons
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation

Television (Drama)
*Nurse Jackie
The Closer
United States of Tara
Rescue Me

Music (For Listening)
*”Even If Its So” – Q Tip
“Two Step Blues” – Little Brother
“21st Century Breakdown” – Green Day
“Hope” – Rahel

Music (For Rallying)
*”Fight Smash Win” – Street Sweeper Social Club
“Drop It (Like a Hot Muppet)” – Magic Drum Orchestra

Art Shows
*”Myth and Manpower” – Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles
“Closed Mondays” – grayDUCK Gallery, Austin
“Today I Made Nothing” – Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York
“Small Trades (Irving Penn)” – Getty Center

*”Shopclass as Soulcraft” – Matthew Crawford
“Border Songs” – Jim Lynch
“Wherever There is a Fight” – Elaine Elinson
“The Legend of Colton Bryant” – Alexandra Fuller

Film (Feature)
*Up In the Air
The Maid
Humble Pie

Film (Documentary)
*Yes Men Fix The World
Capitalism: A Love Story
The Philosopher Kings
Parking Lot Movie

For detailed commentary on each of these categories, check out the whole series of blogs on workers voices in arts and entertainment (all freshly posted in last two weeks) at

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